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Our Core

We are looking to enhance customer interactions with retailers,
not just personalizing targeted offers but much more.
Beyond understanding what products a customer would want, we bring customer experience to the next level, personalizing his or her entire journey. With emerging AI breakthroughs, we are capable of finding out more about customers and their expectations with accuracy in a timely manner.

Once retailers can respond to the demand of personalized experience, the retailers will thrive if done correctly.
According to McKinsey, personalization at scale can deliver a 1 to 2 percent lift in total sales for grocery companies and more for other retailers. 10 to 20 percent can be shaved off from marketing and sales costs should we understand and deliver specifics rather than mass campaigns. The retailers can also imagine positive customer-satisfaction rates, resulting in sales-conversion rates.
In order to deliver such solutions to our customers, we commit ourselves to three key processes:
DeepBlok’s platform of solutions allows marketers to easily build targeted campaigns for customers.
Just a simple understanding of member profile, a retailer can send a gift voucher on his or her special day.

However, our advanced platform takes not just membership profile but demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychographic (if available) and utilizes machine learning to predict beyond what is typically expected of a loyalty program. We can even surprise them!
The process which we typically go through with our customer following these steps: setting out business use cases we want to achieve, performing segmentation and scoring (advanced analytical process), defining targets, experimenting A/B testing, defining campaign workflows and scheduling, executing campaigns, monitoring process and results, and updating score and reviewing results for continuous improvements.
DeepBlok’s knowledge and experience can assist our clients to come up with right products, right campaigns, even right business models at the right time.
Our concern over data privacy has grown over the years since data-driven marketing became a staple of retail experience customers can expect from leading retailers.

Not only does it worry customers but also has alarmed authorities to involve and take a closer look to ensure the public is protected. Many countries have already implemented or in the process of pushing Data Privacy Acts to the market. DeepBlok continued committing to this development.

Our solutions are designed in a transparent and trusted way to capture and collect customer data and only if the customer allows beforehand.
The solutions we design are based on a regulatory guideline under PDPA.

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