Customer Engagement Platform

Loyalty Program

Our solution can be customized to fit your business perfectly. Collect customers’ data while they earn the points and encourage customer to be more loyal when achieving more rewards.

Point Programs

Customers feel more valued and make more transactions when they earn rewards.
This results in increase spending, frequencies and customer engagement to your
brand. Also, it is scientific proof to turn regular customers into loyal customers.
+ Earn Point
Motivate customer to participate in the activities to gain points. Eg. Register gets 10 points, Participate in survey and gets 100 points
Customer earn points for the transaction they spend to be used to redeem reward in the future.

Eg. Customers earn 1 points for every 25 Baht spending.
– Burn Point

Multi Tier membership

When it comes to member programs, new customers who just discover your brand and VIP who have been with you for years deserve to be treated differently.

Give your customers the right status and the right treats will lead to grow engagement effectively. DeepBLOK comes with a flexible upgrade and downgrade settings, and it’s automated.

Virtual Card

Each member gets a digital member card accessible on their mobile phone. The digital card arrives instantly after registration via your desired touchpoints below
With DeepBLOK’s Solution, there is no physical card to carry, no password to remember, and no App to download. Having said that, all of them are options you set up.

Physical Card

In some programs or industries, a good old fashioned physical card is a key to success. Such as clubs or any brand that targets the elder generations. 

DeepBLOK supports the issuing of physical cards. You can even choose to  issue to only members who need them.

Personalized Promotion

Personalization is a process of tailoring the customer experience to individual customers based on many attributes such as previous visits, demographics, or preferences.
With DeepBLOK, your business can collect the customer data in the safe place and marketers can reach customers with the right promotions or news to the right person at the right place and the right time

Integrations and APIs

DeepBLOK already integrates with a long list of POS software,
E-commerce, delivery platforms,
kiosks and payment gateway providers.
We also have an Open API, making integration to any
other solution possible. 

Platform as a service. Full-service support.

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